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Web 3.0 - My project and vision.




Forgive my poor English - i'm still learning.
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  More and more IT companies from around the world
my website, so  it motivates me to develop the
  concept of Web 3.0.




Examples of Web 3.0 shells of my project:


As you know, exept this topic (web 3.0), I try to understand the Universe in a number of key areas and also, in spite of permanent unemployment I'm still trying to develop My interest in the field of IT technology - specifically, the development of my vision of Web 3.0.

Many of you do not know what is the web 1.0, 2.0. In short: The next generations of Web it's a way to manage and transfer information flows through global Internet. The definition is entirely mine, maybe someone has created the same. A diffrent but the same: The next generation of Web is a settlement, format and enabling advanced processing techniques, technology. It's enable creation of new needs for Internet users (that provides for the developement of It).

In every generation of Web there are at least 2 solid elements:

  • The creation of a modern of treatment (transfer) of these systems which we know until now.
  • The creation of entirely new possibilities of information exchange on the Internet (new system, new areas of technology).


Example of Web generation.

The beginnings of the Internet it's email, simple web site, newsgroups 1 generation. Today we have forums, social networking (facebook, my space, etc.), payments by internet, flash technology, advanced server systems, service own websites via cpanel and visual systems to create a private page with no programming skills necessary: html, php, java, etc.

I have a vision of Web 3.0 - it's higher generation than what we have today. And I think sooner or later the vision I reveal in the previous (2008) year - will be implemented anyway - of course, certainly some of my postulates will be unrealized, some remains and some inventors will creates a new one. It's completely normal situation. What important is, I'm sure that Web 3.0 presented here by me will go to beeing standard in the near future (15-10 years).

Nowadays, the rate of life is at very high level. Quantity of social community portals, the quality of life has changed for the better, thanks to the Internet. At the same time, we were flooded hundreds of emails, addresses, pay-pal, shops, necessary to remember passwords, logins. We are lost because of so many pieces of information and nicknames, logins, passwords. Web 3.0 make us free from pressure by the flooding of information.

    Web 3.0 standards it's deliverability us and the
    Internet from flooding through too much pieces of



WEB 3.0 - assumptions.

(1) Dynamic Internet overlay on the shell in the form of personalized programmed as a dynamic web. The point is that this shell, which we will be able to design from the beginning, or in the form of skins were our personal window to the world, which for us will remember our logins, passwords, shopping, pay bills - thanks to RSS channels, we will know what happens to our favorite sites without having to look at them. Actually, it makes no sense to write here in tens or hundreds of features of this shell, because it will be all-in-all, as only designers can include to the core of the shell.

(2) The creation of entirely new systems to create websites. However, today, we have the opportunity to design dynamic portals with own backgrounds, insert images, css styles, fonts - but it's still not what would be my expectation. I would like arise in the future advanced tools, which make 95% of the website themselves (except to designing graphics raster image or flash) - so do graphician design a specific banner of any shape - and later it's layout by the idea - the layout is literally as blocks - a machine automatically already performs for us the rest of the programming including the databases construct. We oneself project newsletter design - and a tool configures the database and mailboxes - in one word: we will design professional private or corporate website at minimum cost, but strictly according to our own project. Although there are systems today i.e. joomla - but the systems are far away from what I would like to be.  Only banking systems and corporate systems where there are extensive databases, servers, security would continue to be produced by professionals.  However, such a tool was established, it is arduous and labor-bars designed by the specialists of the converts "puzzle" on the formats of servers and databases - so here we talk about small businesses and home users.

(3) Parental Control.  Today, parents have not so very effective tools to control what their child is doing on the Internet. With 3.0 web browser a child can NOT otherwise access the Internet, and only via profile - and we get to our profile information what our child look on the Internet, or, for example, tried to see the parties of the prohibited content, or even that someone sent them an email with the words sex, cuddle, play with adults, etc.

(4) "The king has died. New king was born". Web 3.0 will slow, the natural "death" for the old technology and experts - some IT professionals in som areas will be reduced to a minimum. For example, slowly disappear from the market webmaster company - but it's not harmful - just create new opportunities and professions, companies shift production to specialized shells and skins, shift their advice such as "how to manage the profile of web 3.0", will increase the demand for web developers (after all someone has to control the exchange of information between systems and those of our thousands of shell) -- just today, no one wonders why extinct proffesion of stove-makers, bell-founder (almost) forgotten, or other professions. These are natural processes, and modernization and a greater share of technology in our lives.

(5) Combining technology. The combination of the Internet, shopping, mobile, o-led, Skype, Web 3.0, iPod, computerization of government offices, treasury offices will facilitate human life.

(6) monitoring the Internet, e-shopping. We want to buy a new computer with specific parameters? Today we have to hard search the Internet, even prices-compare-portals must visit personally. With my vision of Web 3.0 is this: your programms the shell  that you have to monitor 3-4 shops, and if you reach the lowest price, you receive information by the shell, or SMS.

E-shopping in the Web 3.0 online is the new advertising opportunities, new ways of distribution of advertising information.

Everything that you know to this time on the Internet
  and new technology are nothing compared with what
  web can be achieved if some of my vision web
  3.0 is fulfilled. The Expectation is so vast that even
  I, the author of that vision, I am not able to imagine
  the final results.

An example of the functionality of the shell and the idea of Web 3.0.

Let's try to imagine the functioning of a small company with and without the use of Web 3.0. All we know, how much make easier the operation of businesses on the Internet. Internet decrease a significant waste of time, cost and energy, paper work, contact with the world is much faster - but still it's nothing compared to the future, which is coming.

Owner installs profile (shell) of it's business. He make transfers not only via the profile but purchase and sale also. Watch the goods with the camera, order booth for future exhibition not moving from home. Controls the entire business from the shell: Recruitment interviews by seeing the candidate on monitor, control what happens in the company by observing the image from the camera shell, the shell informs the operator on the state of stocks on the needs, the emergence of a discount on specific products (click and buy), all or nearly all the formalities will be made from the shell. Theoretically speaking, can be found companies whose owners and employees may never physically see, only contacting via the Internet.

The businessman will be able to buy the entire integrated business management from buying the products, raw materials for production, inventory control, through automatic ordering of services and products. Systems are so advanced that they suggest about the forecasts of the market (for example, "ANGELUS system indicates that it intends to sell 8 234 Euro and buy semi-finished products to the store. The price of buying the euro from 4 days is falling, it is advisable to refrain from the transaction, as stockbrokers predict that the situation will change within a month).

There will also be semi-automatic service books, which they will be able to purchase by a trader - will prepare the data analysts, and the web 3.0 module mounted in the shell will be prompted and the data analyzed.

Web 3.0 in that form will make, thah the world will need a huge amount of computer scientists, programmers, and the development of new standards and match the old (some technologies will require reverse compatibility).

 Systems and their modules will significantly relieve ease business (which does not mean exemption from thinking), will advise, recommend, suggest, to fill in tax returns.

   The essence of the Web 3.0 is the integration of
   networks, human
technology on a vast scale.



"Proletarian of all countries: connect each other!"

I mean...  technology connect to each other. You were at some concert?  You would like to be automatically set your favorite DJ or a band?  Today, this requires either the search for a song, or download or the participation in discussion forums.  It's good to have received a SMS with the question: "Record of  Sensation event, set Armin van Buuren to purchase - buy, YES or NO?". The system knows that it has let you know, because you previously "told" this to the shell. Not only command your profile, to monitor specific forum, but will automatically check that if you receive a SMS and confirm, the system will for you buy the mp3 and send it automatically to your iPod (a combination of mobile technology, web 3.0, fiscal and download to your iPod ).

Of course, compatibility with a mobile phone or a PDA will be far more advanced.

Turn on the TV, and there appears the inscription: "Hello Dominik, for 45 minutes on the channel TVSilesia started movie  Entry dragon HD." Combining  technology makes human life easier. It's future, which will become once a reality in my opinion.


Problems with the implementation of Web 3.0.

The main problems with which we come to pit the resistance of inorganic materials (technology) and organic matter (people, corporations, trends, law - all things that may be a direct cause of the problems whose made by a man).

Technology problems:

  • The establishment and design of new web 3.0 standards
  • Lack of adequate bandwidth
  • The lack of technological facilities (lack of appropriate equipment in GSM networks, the lack of advanced fiber optic network)
  • The need for standards slip
  • Transaction SAFETY via profiles (shells)
  • Danger of steal passwords, logins, viruses, forgeries by hackers - and thus is a need for design physical devices (peripherals)  that will identify the owner/user - the level of security will become the first place and will have to be extremely high.
  • Organic problems - produced by the mentality and physics of human :

    • Strong psychological dependence on the shell web 3.0
    • Resistance of corporations, companies and lobbyists that web 3.0 does not become a standard (do not decieve oneself: IT world as well as pharmaceutical cartels and the military cartels have their structures, dark sides, and each of them wants to be most important). However, one can say that the giants of IT are NOT so inaccessibility on the economy, and despite the existence of the pressure/lobbysts groups, I am convinced of the intelligence and farsightedness of most important people in this industry. The most important for them it's economic gain  - the web 3.0 offers the possibility of such gigantic astronomical earn easy money, that I think that sooner or later it will become a reality.
    • The law created by man - web 3.0 bring to man the need to create a new regulation - and, unfortunately, sometimes this will cause major problems by today's standards of law.

        Even if the only basis for (the core of
        shell web 3.0) have been introduced in  future,
        Internet and new technology will
    take in new

    I didn't use in creating this vision of Web 3.0 any other source exept my own thoughts and decisions.  Maybe someone already formulated such a vision as mine, and I invented a similar or the same ideas, I have no idea. This means that I do not read articles on this subject, studies of other people, books, monographs, and I have no idea what is the level of work on the standard Web 3.0.




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