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Forgive my poor English - i'm still learning.

CV in English


Dear English Readers,

My name is Dominic - and i'm Upper Silesian. I'm the author of this site and I decided...I felt, that I should contact with you in your language, because the research and the knowledge I have is very important to all of you. If you read my website, you'll be shock!

For around ten years I have helped polish profesor Jan Pajak (the inventor of Magnocraft and Concept of Dipolar Gravity) to understand universe, ufo, telekinesis, free energy, God and many more.

Let me be your guide through my website. I'm going to write much more articles in English, but it takes time, because I can't well speak/write English. Please be patient about this, and you will take the profits to yourself.

Well, I think that you wonder: "what do you have on your website" or "who are you".

What I have, that I can share with you?

Firstly, I'm the author of two books about many mysteries around us (the second book, On the Edge of Truth 2: Universe & Earth - it's  still waiting to translate into English, I'm not going to translate my first book) or you can see trailer of this book on youtube - watch english trailer.

I wrote many articles about tunguska event, great inventors, about 2012 year, ufonauts/aliens (ufonauts is correctly name), clairvoyants, free energy, Bruce Lee, witches, God (universe intellect) and many many more.

Now, I'm unemployed (and it's horrible to me) but I still fight for better world, better humankind. Because I'm an amateur dj, you can download my continous music set - I love trance and electronic music - if you wish to download my sets in mp3, go to my music site - you can see there my covers and download music -
I know: it's in Polish now, but I will prepare it in English, you have my word - but don't affraid - this site even in Polish is intuitive and simple. Remember: EVERYTHING I do, I did, or going to do on my website is (or are) for FREE - anything, including music (sets) are made only from my heart to yours! From my minds to yours! I NEVER had any profit of anything I did on angelus-silesius.

Also, everything I made on this website (graphics, texts, articles, design www) myself.

In near future I'm going to prepare specially for you links, where you can read everything about tornados, ufos, God, truth, magnocraft, telekinesis. I'm asking you, wait and be patient, and you will see the way to the truth.

I know, that for now I prepared not much for you in English, but believe me it's not so easy to make articles in English, where I used (in Polish) many complicate words and senteces.

Who am I?

I will prepare short biography about me, so you can know my place, my life. As I said above, it has to take some time to prepare it.


What now in English?

Comparition of some attributes ancient "gods", devils, ufonauts/aliens. If there are any mistakes, I'm asking you to send me an email with correctly names/sentences.


Universe fundamental discipline exploring diagram. It's show us, that everything what people research, guide us to knowledge about God (universe intellect)


I'm interested at many areas, branches of knowledge, thats why i'm the inventor, too. Well, maybe word 'inventor' is too strong, but I'm very interested in IT (e.g. Web 3.0 technology, internet streamlines).

Kind of areas/disciplines which I have on my website in Polish.

  • Ufology (contains a few dozen disciplines)
  • Humankind story
  • My inventions (contains: visionary idea of Web 3.0, UFO-touristic in the world, Tourist Inquires Kiosk, Mobile convenience for users)
  • Bruce Lee Area (my articles, opinions, observations about this extraordinary human being)
  • My music (my electronic/trance mp3 sets to download)
  • Articles (few dozen articles e.g.: 2012 year, Tunguska Event, Interview with God, Nargis hurricane, tornadoes, Davey's sonic boiler, Ufo from Acart, about mediaeval witches, ancient scientists  and a lot of other article)





numer gg: 1010567
Logo totalizmu:

Motto totalizmu: Wiedza to odpowiedzialność

Mottem tej najmoralniejszej obecnie filozofii-religii jest:
"Wiedza to odpowiedzialność"



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